Joyful Heart Qi Gong

“Nurturing energy, forget words and guard it. Conquer the mind, do non-doing.
In activity and quietude, know the source.”

~ From Lu’s Hundred Character Tablet.



What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient system of exercising the body and mind to experience well-being and to develop our potential as human beings.

The practice of Qi Gong helps us harmonize ourselves and our environment by living more in tune with the natural rhythms of life.

There are many types of Qi Gong. Joyful Heart Qi Gong is specifically compiled for healing the body and balancing the mind and the emotions.

The set you can learn in this self-learning program focuses on harmonizing our three main aspects of being: physical, energetic, and mental. When these aspects are in harmony, we effortlessly access our spiritual being and can experience a state of ease and openness in daily life.

What does “Qi Gong” mean?

“Qi” has several meanings depending on the context and intention: vital force, energy, breath, and vapor.

“Gong” means “exercise, discipline” or “the application of our intention towards something”.

Qi Gong can be translated as “Using our breath and vital force to develop wellbeing and unfold our higher potential”. It´s not only a form of movement but also an attitude and a state of mind.

How does it work?

The Joyful Heart Qi Gong set works by coordinating movement, breath-energy, and mind-spirit. This harmonizes our different layers of being, bringing us to a state of unity and integrity.

This is possible because our bodies have a system of internal and external energy channels where our vital force flows. This flow of energy helps the blood and nervous system to properly move and do their work.

Through the Qi Gong movements we promote a better flow in this system of channels, therefore improving the functions of the internal organs and improving our overall state and health.

What are the goals and benefits?

The first goal of performing the qi gong movements is to help us relax and be more aware of ourselves in the present moment and place. This happens naturally as we engage our attention in the breath in coordination with the gentle movement on the body.

Second, the progression of movements helps the flow of blood and vital energy, relieving fatigue, strengthening the body and helping its healing process.

The movements help both heal and prevent disease for the body and mind.

The slow movement with the deep breathing helps absorb more healthy energy in, cleansing our internal energy and resolving internal blockages, gradually transforming our internal environment into more healthy, or simply maintaining our well-being.

How to Use the Videos in the Self-Learning Program?

There are seven videos available in this page:

  1. Joyful Heart Qi Gong 12 Movement Set: This video shows the actual Qi Gong set. It is the main practice.
  2. Warm-Up 1 – Keeping Our Joints Healthy: This video shows a routine of movements to improve the health of the internal organs and joints.
  3. Warm-Up 2 – Tapping The Energy Channels: This video shows a tapping routine to promote smooth flow of energy in our system of channels.
  4. Explanation of the Qi Gong 12 Movement Set (4 videos): These four videos explain in detail each of the movements in the main practice.

The Joyful Heart Qi Gong 12 Movement set is the main practice. It is a simple combination of movements that can be followed just by looking at the video. Ideally though, watching the four explanation videos will give you more insight about how to coordinate the breath with the movement and what visualization might be beneficial during the practice.

Warm-ups 1 and 2 help us keep our joints in goo health. They are promote good blood and lymphatic circulation, which promotes proper elimination of toxins and reduces inflammation. They are ideal to do before the main practice.

If you have time, daily practice is preferred. Otherwise three times will be also of great benefit for your well-being.