Meditation and Healing Program

“You are the light of the world.”

~ Matthew 5:14


What is The Joyful Heart Program of teachings?

The Joyful Heart Program is system of teachings and practices for personal wellbeing and self-cultivation based on the wisdom of the ancient spiritual and healing traditions.

Its purpose is to help people attain healing, plenitude, wellbeing, joy, and realize innate inner wisdom at all the levels of experience, not only for this lifetime but also considering the process of death and transcendence.


How are the teachings organized?

The teachings and practices in the modules have been selected, adapted and organized considering the physical, energetic and spiritual structure, requirements and needs of modern daily life, with its challenges and opportunities.

As human beings, our experience of ourselves and life is multidimensional: we have a physical body, our form, and an energetic body, our vital force; we have an emotional body, we experience emotions and feelings; we have a mental body, we have thoughts, points of view, cognitive functions like thinking, memory, creativity. All these bodies or layers of existence are coordinated by a soul body and a spiritual body that in turn lead to the highest dimension of Being.

Each of these bodies has its own unique characteristics in terms of function, expression and needs for being nourished and kept in harmony within itself and in relationship to the others.

The process of self-development consists in unfolding and refining the potential of our individual consciousness. For this we must consider and address this multilayered structure of bodies – layers of experience – becoming aware of their state. This is a sure, safe, and efficient way to move from a live of suffering, stress, and disease to a life of wellbeing, joy, and wisdom.

The different modules of teachings guide us to develop self-awareness from the grosser aspects of the physical body to more subtle aspects of our spiritual dimension of being, removing obstacles, unfolding the pure potentiality and stabilizing new and more refined patterns of behavior.


Sequence of modules:

Module 1 – Self Healing and Rejuvenation: “From Stress to Wellbeing”

Module 4 – The Wisdom of the Five Elements: Self Care, Lifestyle and Nutrition

Module 3 – Awakening our Inner Wisdom, Defining our Life Purpose

Module 2 – The Joy of Meditation

Module 5 – Purification and Transforming our Emotions

Module 6 – Mantras and Sacred Sound

Module 7 – Relations and Sexuality – The Teaching of the Sun and the Moon.

Module 8 – Healing Our Family, Healing Ourselves

Module 9 – Dream Yoga and Transcendence Practices

Module 10 – Pilgrimage and Energetic Journeys

Module 11 – Sacred Art: Sacred Geometry, Earth Energies, and Space Harmonization

Module 12 – The Art of Simply Being: Remembering the Light of the Heart


Module Description

Module 1 – Self Healing and Rejuvenation: “From Stress to Wellbeing”

The first step in our healing and spiritual path is to connect with our vital force in the present moment. Once we connect with our vital force we can heal our body, calm our mind and review our purpose in life. In this way we move from stress, worry and fatigue, to joy, clarity, and wellbeing.

In this first module participants learn how the body, the energy, and the mind interact with each other, and how when they are in good communication we experience well-being. A set of simple yet efficient techniques are taught to regain and maintain health, increase positive emotions, and develop mental stability. These practices include: Breathing exercises, Revitalizing Self-Massage, Wellbeing Qi Gong (Rejuvenating Gentle Movement), the Healing Smile, and the Healing Sounds for the Inner Organs.


Module 2 – The Joy of Meditation

“The Joy of Meditation” is the central vein of the Joyful Heart program of teachings. It is a three-part module that serves as foundations to all the other practices.

Based on a sequence of five principles – Arriving; Relaxing; Focusing; Exploring; and Resting – this module provides the basic structure for daily personal practice. It is within this structure that we incorporate all the other practices we learn as we move through the modules. In this way our learning process remain structured and clear.

As part of the teachings we learn that meditation is not just about sitting with an empty mind. Meditation is actually a process to clear confusion and help you access your dormant potential. Therefore, it must have a direct visible effect in your day to day.

Each unit proposes reflections and questions on the principle covered. These help relate your mediation practice to your overall life experience. By using them you can transform anything that needs change in your current situation.

The main purpose of the program is to help you establish a daily meditation practice. If you already have a daily mediation practice, this program can help you fine-tune it or organize it in a more efficient way to see results beyond your formal sitting time. Even if you already have studied other meditation methods, give a chance to this program. It follows the approach of the Three Excellences, “Pure motivation, perfect practice and perfect dedication,” becoming a true gem that quickly develops results and promotes profound changes in our mind.


Module 3 – Awakening our Inner Wisdom, Living with Purpose

In this module we explore what is our inner wisdom, why it’s essential to be connected and guided by it – instead of operating from fear and worry, – what prevents us from being in touch with it, how to connect and interpret it and how to develop a regular, intimate relationship with it for our personal benefit and the benefit of those around us.

At the very core of each of us resides the essence of pure, divine perfection. This essence is beyond any difference of gender, age, race, culture, or social position. This sacred presence and wisdom is our inner nature, always there. The inner wisdom, also called the Inner Guide, is the voice and expression of our sacred mind and awakened nature. It is the part of our being is beyond self-deceit, unaffected by what thought and emotions keep telling us. Its voice is always whispering to us how to make our life meaningful. But due to layers of conditioning, trauma, beliefs and distraction, often we can’t hear it – our own inner voice beyond the noise of compulsive thinking.

Being or not in touch with our inner wisdom is not an abstract theory. It is as obvious as the difference between a sunny warm, day and a cloudy, rainy day: When we are connected with our inner wisdom, we are joyful, calm, clear, kind, generous, and loving. When we are disconnected from our inner wisdom we experiences stress, fear, attachment, pain, worries, and hatred.

Thanks to our connection with our Inner Guide, daily life becomes like a gym for our spiritual muscles. The more we visit our inner wisdom, the more we can embody and express the higher qualities and virtues it radiates, becoming a source of true refuge and benefit for ourselves and others.

Connecting with our inner wisdom provides us with information as how to proceed in life as well as gives us a sense of inner stability and self-confidence. When we have a good connection with our sacred essence we don’t need to keep searching for external approval.

When we are in touch with our divine inner essence, our life has a clear purpose and our actions are directed towards positive growth and collective wellbeing. When we are disconnected from it, we live in a state of fear and selfishness.

This direct contact with our inner wisdom helps us both to make important decisions and at the same time gives us a sense of sacredness in our daily lives. Thanks to the practice of connecting with our inner wisdom, our daily life becomes a sacred temple of joy where, regardless of external circumstances we express our wakeful and joyful nature.


Module 4 – The Wisdom of the Five Elements: Self Care, Lifestyle and Nutrition

In this module we learn how to apply the wisdom of the medical and spiritual practitioners from the past to our modern situation.

As we read in the Classic of the Yellow Emperor: “In the past, people practiced the Tao, the Way of Life. They understood the principle of balance, as represented by the transformations of the [five elements] and the energies of the universe. They formulated exercises to promote energy flow to harmonize themselves with the universe. They ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided overstressing their bodies and minds, and refrained from overindulgence of all kinds. They maintained well-being of body and mind; thus, it is not surprising that they lived over one hundred years without showing signs of aging.”

Based on observing nature’s rhythms and relations, the ancient medical and spiritual practitioners understood that our bodies, as well as the world that surrounds us, are made from five basic building blocks. They called this “Elements” or “Phases” and named them according to nature’s foundations: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. They realized that if we follow the cycle of these energies during the year and adjust to their changes, we can keep our bodies in good health and thrive in life.

The Wisdom of the Five Elements is a tremendous treasure to enrich our daily life and our understanding of the universe.


Module 5 – Purification and Transforming our Emotions

The practices of purification and harmonization of our emotions are among the most important foundation in our personal practice. This is because once we remove the basic inner blockages and stabilize the positive virtues of the heart (love, compassion, joy, and equanimity), we encounter our innate, joyful, pure nature. These practices remain as a guiding principle as we keep advancing in our path.

To approach these practices we have:

– First, established the foundations of wellbeing with Module 1 – Self Healing and Rejuvenation.

– Second, considered and reflected on the deep meaning and opportunity that our life represents by connecting with our inner wisdom and letting that wisdom guide us with a clear direction in life, as practiced in Module 2 – Awakening Our Inner Wisdom. – Third, developed a more stable and clear mind, by using the techniques from Module 3 – The Joy of Meditation.

Based on the foundation developed on those previous practice, on this module we see how to:

– Identify inner blockages, negative patterns and limiting beliefs that manifests as illnesses and obstacles in our body, energy and mind.

– Purify, clear and transform the obstacles and patterns that prevent us from experiencing our joy of being. – Circulate through our being positive qualities that extend from our meditation cushion into everyday life and help us contribute positively in the world.  

Along with the energetic practice to remove the obstacles and increase our energetic potential, we explore the six basic human needs to learn were are we operating from and how to consciously make the necessary adjustments to stabilize the results of our practices.


Module 6 – Mantras and Sacred Sound

Since the most ancient times, spiritual and healing traditions have used sacred sound to restore balance, eliminate obstacles, create positive circumstances, and develop insight into the nature of life.

Using their ancient wisdom, in this module we explore sound as a primordial and powerful force to help us understand who we are and how to awaken joy and harmony into our lives and surroundings.

Sound is an essential tool for healing and spiritual evolution because it has the unique ability to integrate our mind and our physical body by working through our breath. The practice of mantra and sacred sound creates a deep level of integration both within individuals and communities.

Chanting mantras is one of the simplest and most convenient spiritual practices to perform. It can be performed any time and anywhere, both internally and externally. Even the regular repetition of one simple mantra or seed syllables, if performed with sincerity and pure motivation, can ripen into truly wonderful results, creating deep transformation in us, without the high demands of other practices that require long retreats and sacrifices.

Together we will explore the healing power of speech; how sound impacts our nervous, digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems; the practical applications of sacred sound through mantras and chants; how to attain specific and palpable results through different types of mantras (life purpose; prosperity; happiness; healing; liberation).


Module 7 – Relations and Sexuality – The Teaching of the Sun and the Moon.

This module is divided in two sections: Personal relations and Sexuality.

In Sections I we explore the energetics of personal relations, with emphasis on how we relate to ourselves and to the people closest in our lives, especially romantic partners, husbands and wives. To do this we must explore the basic role models we have inherited from our own parents and culture. Here we deepen our understanding of the Basic Human Needs, the different ways of expressing love and how to make meaningful, lasting, loving relations that support everyone’s wellbeing and spiritual growth.

In Section II we explore the energetics of sexuality. Our sexual energy is the most powerful force in our body. If directed downwards it has the ability to create life. If directed upwards through specific techniques and it has the ability to increase our vitality, restore gland function and the overall functioning of our energy and nervous systems, and most important to speed up our process of spiritual evolution.

Both sections have as goal to keep developing positive emotions and wellbeing, within oneself, the family unit and the community at large.


Module 8 – Healing Our Family, Healing Ourselves

In this module we work on healing our family structure and our relation to it.

Regardless if we can see it or not, we are all born in a perfect family that offers us the exact qualities we need to evolve and work on what is necessary for us to grow. Our family, with all its up and downs, good qualities and challenging realities, is the most wonderful structure to unfold our virtues and test our spiritual practice. There is no better “spiritual training program” than the one our family provides. But we need to have the tools to be able to use the program without exhausting ourselves.

Instead of fighting situations, in this module we learn how to research the special characteristics our family presents, the specific reasons why we could have been born in this family, what can we learn from being part of this family and, most important, how can we be of benefit to this family structure.

We also look at what are the main traumatic patterns (addictions, suicides, divorces, abuses, infertility, mental illnesses…), how they have affected our family, what can be their roots and what to do to heal those patterns, prevent reoccurrence in future generations, and establish new healthy patterns.

Going beyond reasoning, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns we learn how to connect with the wisdom and essence of our family, to benefit all its members – past, present and future.

Participants learn how to heal the family tree by connect it with Heaven and Earth through using the healing sounds of central channel, bringing good things from family and dispelling obstacles for good qualities to shine.

In this module we also learn the healing practice know as Bone Breathing Qi Gong.


Module 9 – Dream Yoga and Transcendence Practices

In this module we explore the potential of both the dream state and the process of dying as gateways to our highest expression of being.

We spend one-third of our life, give or take about 20 to 25 years, asleep. We can either use it for our personal growth and enjoyment or simply drift into the darkness of unconsciousness, or worst, to experience dreams of stress and nightmares. For this reason, we will also learn the importance of restoring our energy before falling asleep, how to fall asleep with awareness and how to use those transitions between waking and sleeping or dreaming states as daily training to cross dimensions of being.

Instead of focusing on the psychological approach to dreams, as done in Western therapy and psychology, we use them and their mechanisms to experience healing, unfold creativity and recognize the background of our awareness. In this regard, Dream yoga practice is essential because it helps us deepen our experience of waking, sleeping and after death states.

In this module we also explore one of the most fundamentals aspects of our life: death and the process of dying – which share many characteristics with the process of falling sleep and dreaming.

We will explore the different signs of death, the different stages of the process, how to prepare and how to direct aware consciousness during this crucial moment – actually regarded by spiritual practitioners as the great moment to attain a definite positive transformation and ultimate freedom.

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