Suzanne Albert, CMT – Rochester Hills, MI:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the meditation classes with Ferran. The classes are very organized and accessible online and in person. The teachings seem very authentic and have allowed me to take my meditation practice to a deeper level. I enjoy studying with Ferran, as he lives and practices what he teaches. Thank you Ferran!”

Tracy Flinn, RYT – Pontiac, MI:

“For me it has been a journey to find the right meditation teacher. Ferran has a breadth and depth of experience that is uncommon. His teaching is clear and simple, yet it is apparent he has the weight of many lineages behind him. He also has many fine qualities that come out as he teaches including being humble, humorous and sweet. I found his class to be enjoyable and very helpful.”

Halina Sadlej – Royal Oak, MI:

“When I was referred to Ferran several  years  ago I thought  I was  going  in for  acupuncture  procedure  to  help  alleviate  chronic  headaches I had  for years. What I got was an introduction to a teacher  and  a friend that offered guidance and support along  my own  road of learning and self-discovery. Through Ferran’s supportive teaching methods, I have been able to cultivate a more peaceful and healthy mind  and body that has  allowed me to make space for  more  joy, love and abundance  to enter my everyday experience. Oh, and those headaches are long gone!”

Diane Kaszeta – Clarkston, MI:

“I have taken meditation classes with Ferran Blasco in 2016 and 2017. Ferran has tailored the classes to accommodate both a beginner or experienced meditation student.   He has also addressed the varied learning methods of each student by offering classes in person and follows each class with video and textual review. The classes are well organized, well explained and remove the “mystery” of meditation.

Ferran focuses on the “being in the present” whereas previous meditation classes I have taken have focused on visualization and “escape”. Practicing this method can be done quickly during the day and puts troublesome/worrisome situations in perspective, reducing stress and avoiding “knee jerk” reactions.

Ferran also focuses on consideration and love for all beings, which takes my self-centered focus to a universe-centered focus. This changes my perspective and allows me to become a more considerate being realizing that the universe does not exist to support only me.

I also receive acupuncture treatments with Ferran. He is amazing and has addressed longstanding issues with the first treatment.

Finally, I see that Ferran lives his life in kindness and concern for others. I feel blessed to have found Ferran and to have the ability to see him as both a meditation student and acupuncture client.”

Melissa Cox – Lake Orion, MI:

“I had minimal exposure to meditation before taking a class with Ferran and wasn’t sure what to expect in a meditation class. Through simple instructions and the art of suggestion, Ferran taught different techniques that I’ve used to incorporate meditation into my daily life.  He answered questions and gave guidance to help every individual benefit from their own practice, at their own pace.

Through Ferran’s teachings, I’ve been better able to cope during stressful times with my family and at work.  I’ve learned the triggers for my emotions and how to listen to my inner wisdom for guidance.  I’ve learned not to react to triggers, but to use the experience to benefit myself and others. My family and co-workers have noticed my ability to remain calm during crisis and have commented on my positive and more loving approach. I feel happier and healthier, even during trying times.

The class gave me an opportunity to experience the power of meditating with a group, the ability to benefit from conversations with others, and helped me to use the online tools effectively to support my daily practice.  I anxiously await the next opportunity to join a group class and have gratitude for what I’ve learned so far.”

JoAnn Forsythe – Troy, MI:

“I have had the good fortune of knowing Ferran since 2014. I started seeing him fo acupuncture treatments and I am still currently a patient. The first class he offered to his patients was Qi Gong. My experience with him as an acupuncturist made it pretty easy to decide to sign up for his class. I benefited so much from this class that I signed up for every set of sessions he offered and recently I completed one of his mediation classes. These classes benefited me a great deal by improving my mental, physical, and spiritual state. I have a clearer and calmer mind, with an over all improvement in my well being.

I would describe him as a great teacher, who lives by example of what he teaches. He is very knowledgeable about what he teaches and relates the practice to daily life. Everything he teaches is placed on line and can be reviewed. He offers outside experiences, like special sessions and retreats, to enhance learning and practice. I would encourage everyone to take his classes. The practices that I have learned in class did not stop when the sessions were over. They are a positive important part of my daily life.

I encourage everyone to sign up and see for themselves what a great experience these classes have been.”

  Diane Adair – Rochester Hills, MI:

“I have been practicing meditation with Ferran Blasco for three years in his classes in Rochester, Michigan. Initially, the focus was on Qi Gong meditation and recently we have been practicing a sitting meditation in class as well. I have personally enrolled in every class offered and I learn something new each individual session.

The benefits I am receiving from these classes is contributing to an increased quality of life in many ways. On both a spiritual and physical level, I am experiencing a healthier, happier and more calm approach to life. With the methods that Ferran teaches in his classes, I am able to find serenity with just a breath or thought when a stressful situation is approaching. I have been able to improve physical symptoms on several occasions with the practice of the healing sounds that we have learned in class.

Each day I begin my day with a Qi Gong practice and this sets my state of being in a calm, focused place to begin whatever comes my way. I end the day with a dry bath technique taught in class to prepare for sleep. The total time per day spent in meditation can be merely 30 minutes for me to feel immense benefits.

Ferran creates a welcoming, serene environment in his classes that makes me want to be in attendance every week. One of his gifts is being able to have very serious passion for meditation while also having a delightful sense of humor. Class is always entertaining!

For me, meditation has become and essential time in my day. I can take my practice everywhere with me and it has taken me to Granada Spain recently on a retreat for a week that was transforming.”

Natalie Sadler, M.D. – Chapel Hill, NC:

“I have personally and professionally experienced Ferran´s work with acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The patients I have referred to him and myself have experienced great benefit from his treatments. His work is effective and he is very professional, ethic and respectful. I highly recommend him.”

Dee Kaplan – Los Angeles, CA:

“Ferran Blasco is an intuitive healer who senses exactly what your body needs. He is extremely gifted and an expert in his field of acupuncture and energy healing. You feel his desire, and his gifts, to change illness to wellness.”

María R. S. – Miami, FL:

“During the summer of 2010 I arrived to Ferran´s clinic. I was sick in more than one aspect. I was suffering from what the doctors at the hospital had diagnosed as an “irreversible” lung disease, my marriage was falling apart, and I was very depressed and sad, experiencing a constant dark anxiety. My first meeting with him already showed what would be a true process of holistic healing. I remember the first thing he said referring to my “irreversible lung disease”: “Let’s forget about the labels. What you want is feel healthy, breath well, and feel happy and vital. So let’s focus on that”. And this perspective was the engine of my change. Then I learned how to eat properly and use positive thought patterns to feed also my soul. The acupuncture sessions helped fix “those wires I had lose” and my energy started flowing again. Later I had the privilege to attend some of his seminars where I discovered very practical techniques to live a deeper and more meaningful life. Today I am healthy and enjoy a deep and rich perspective of life. Ferran is one of those jewels that our Holy Mother offers to us as a present. He is an honest and committed human being with a perfectly recognizable and true mission. Simple in his greatness, with a wonderful sense of humor. Interacting with him is a luxury and a privilege. I wish to share my gratitude with the purpose that this testimonial points many others to this source of well-being, strength and happiness.”

Jason Moskovitz, L.Ac. – Los Angeles, CA:

“Ferran introduced me to a world of ease, humor, and health I didn’t know existed within me. I believe a healer must listen with both their intuition and their ears, and Ferran is one of the best listeners I’ve had the pleasure of working with on my health. Knowing that we understood each other was a pleasure I had not before experienced as a patient.

Ferran took the time to teach me what Chinese Medicine is, and also outside the office, instructed me in my first Taoist meditation practices. With all these fresh perspectives and practices being handed to me it was great to know that my foundation of trust was well established with him, taking me from simply being Ferran’s patient to also being his student.”

Stella Ong – Los Angeles, CA:

“I was Ferran Blasco’s patient from April 2004 to March 2005, at the Yo San University Clinic in Los Angeles, where I was treated for severe allergy problems. Ferran is professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind.

He is not just knowledgeable about acupuncture, he also has expertise in meditation and other ancient Chinese practices. He always strives to provide his patients with holistic solutions to their problems. And he has a wonderful personality to boot. I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Blasco.”

Peter Diamessis – Los Angeles, CA:

“My problem would be to contain it to a few lines because honestly, I feel I owe you both in terms of medical improvements but also for opening my eyes to meditation and other ways of examining my inner-self, all of this in a groovey Southern European way. Thanks.”

Diane Cotman – Royal Oak, MI:

“Ferran, I can never thank you enough for all the things you were and did this past year. Sending you much love and blessings.”

Belén E. – Barcelona, Spain:

“What I like most above Ferran his capacity to listen to what you and your body are saying. He knows how to suggest the point of view, the treatment or the specific referral you might need the most at any given moment. His intuition has been the spark for my second chance in life. And he has a great sense of humor! Ferran you are in my thoughts.”

Elyn Aviva & Gary White – Girona, Spain:

“Both my husband and I have had acupuncture sessions with Ferran (and once with Brooke) for more than four years. They are wonderfully skilled, gentle, knowledgeable healers. We have also had TBA sessions with Ferran and regularly benefited from the homeopathic and “vibrational medicine” preparations. We have also greatly appreciated Ferran’s suggestions for Qi Gong practices, meditation, and relaxation techniques that we could do to enhance and support our acupuncture treatments. We recommend him (and Brooke) highly.”

Begoña H. – Barcelona, Spain:

“I have been very fortunate to share with Ferran, during more than six years, teachings, healing and friendship. His experience, professionalism, integrity and personal warmth have helped along difficult personal times. His presence has enriched my life with acupuncture, mantras and practices. But what is most important, with him I have always felt the sense of security of being in company of someone with great personal integrity.

Ferran you have accomplished to touch our consciousness, spirit and heart very deeply. I am very grateful for your teachings and presence. May many more people have access to you and to your beautiful message.”