“Awakening Inner Wisdom, Redefining Life Purpose”

“Awakening your Inner Wisdom, Redefining your Life Purpose”

5 – Week Meditation Class

With Ferran Blasco, at Joyful Heart Institute, Rochester, Mi

Sep 7th to Oct 5th, 2017 – Thursdays 6.30 to 8.00 pm

Dear friends, we hope you are having a great summer.

We are delighted to announce our next meditation seminar: “Awakening your Inner Wisdom; Redefining your Life Purpose.”

This is a very important class that connects us with the essence of the healing and spiritual paths and helps us understand the sacredness of our life.

Together we will explore the divine, joyful presence that exists at the heart of our being, beyond self-sabotage, illness, limiting patterns, and emotional rollercoasters.

By inviting that inner wisdom into the driver’s seat of our life, day-to-day becomes the delight of being and an enjoyable gym for our spiritual muscles. The more we mingle with our inner wisdom, the more we allow positive virtues to radiates from within, becoming a source of true healing and benefit for yourself and others.

Class objectives and benefits:

In this class you will learn to connect with that inner wisdom in a simple, structured and sequential way. Together we will explore and practice:

  • – What is your inner wisdom and what is the source of that wisdom.
  • – How to listen to your heart’s voice, always whispering how to make life meaningful
  • – Why when aligned with it, you feel joyful, calm, clear, kind, generous, and loving.
  • – Why when disconnected from it, you experience stress, worry, fear, pain, and hatred.
  • – What prevents you from tapping into you inner wisdom.
  • – How to bring that voice to daily life and how to live empowered by it.
  • – How to transform and let got of doubt and regret.
  • – How to make “wise decisions.”
  • – The three kinds of life purpose.
  • – How to use mantra and sacred sound to access and sustain your inner wisdom.

Besides the specific topics for the class you will also learn:

  • – The importance of personal meditation.
  • – How to organize a meditation session?
  • – How to create a personal daily practice?
  • – The use aspiration prayers to enhance your practice
  • – To enjoy daily life as an expression of that inner wisdom of beauty.

“Joyful Heart Healing and Meditation Program”:

This class is part of the “Joyful Heart Healing and Meditation Program”, a twelve-module practice program that offers you tools to support personal growth in all aspects of your life (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual). It includes:

  • – Group teachings and practices.
  • – Daily personal guided practices.
  • – Reading suggestions and reflections
  • – Personal and group retreats.

To find out more about this program go here: Joyful Heart.

Some of the great benefits of meditation:

By learning how to meditate you can:

  • – Connect with the source of creativity and joy.
  • – Quickly attain a state of calmness and positivity.
  • – Reduce stress and overcome anxiety.
  • – Improve your health and develop wellbeing.
  • – Connect with true abundance and fulfillment.
  • – Understand your life purpose and path.
  • – Improve you relations and release trauma.


Cost: $135 (Audio recordings from the meetings will be available for you online, just in case you can’t attend all sessions).

Dates: Thursdays, 6.30 – 8.00 pm. Sep 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, and Oct 5th, 2017

Joyful Heart Institute – 126 East 3rd Street, Rochester

Phone: (248) 841-1570

Email: info@rochesteracupuncture.us