Pilgrimage to the Holy Grail of the Heart – June 2018 Spain


Barcelona – Montserrat – Pyrenees, Spain

With Ferran Blasco – June 27 – July 1, 2018

Join us for an exquisite pilgrimage to the heart of the magical Spanish Pyrenees, Hecho’s Valley. Departing from Barcelona, on the Mediterranean Sea, we will first visit Catalonia’s sacred mountain, Montserrat, a sanctuary for healing the body and connecting to our Spirit. From there we will drive to Hecho’s Valley, near Jaca, at the beginning of Saint James Trail, an area deeply connected to the Holy Grail.

This will be a “semi-silent” journey with focus on presence, meditation, personal prayer, and time for enjoying the exquisite voice and silence of the sites we will visit. As we journey within, participants will be invited to refrain from idle chatting, to let the magic in the surroundings awaken the magic within and help us experience the inner baptism of Being.

Ferran Blasco will be your guide in this exceptional journey that will balance exploration, culture, meditation, rejuvenation, and fun. You will be introduced to the rich cultural and historical aspects of the sites, as well as the more subtle layers of energy and consciousness, offering you the opportunity to experience the divine within in new and deeper ways.

For full details: 2018 Siresa Spain Retreat Program.

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Daily Activities and Workshops

    • Outdoors Qi Gong and meditation practice at sunrise and sunset.

Visits to


Santa Maria de Montserrat

Montserrat has been a place of pilgrimage since very ancient times. Known for it’s healing and loving energy, it is the house of Catalonia’s black Madonna, la Moreneta.

San Adrián de Sasabe

San Adrián de Sasabe is an ancient sacred site for purification, regeneration, cleansing, and, most important, inner baptism. It is one of the locations where the Holy Grail was hidden and protected during the Moorish invasions. This 10th century Romanesque hermitage is what remains from a much bigger complex that due to its location, breaks all paradigms on how monasteries where built and locations chosen.
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Aguas Tuertas Valley

About twenty minutes drive north of Siresa, bordering with France, we find Aguas Tuertas Valley, the natural Holy Grail of the Pyrenees. Usually filled with small waterfalls from the melting snow, it’s a truly magnificent place where light and water unite. Here we will bask in its pristine atmosphere and enjoy the purity of Being.

San Pedro de Siresa Abbey

San Pedro de Siresa, built between 9th to 13th century, is another of the keys that this valley was of great importance for the ancients. The impressive remains of a much bigger monastery, this monumental church stands as a true fortress, containing one of the few left spiral labyrinths in Spanish architecture. We will enjoy its art, study its energetic structure and see how to use it for personal practice. A true delight.
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San Juan de la Peña and Santa María de la Serós

Hidden within the side of the cliff, San Juan de la Peña is a place of extreme beauty, both inside and outside. Defying the passage of time, it invites the visitor to connect within by embracing her with the warmth of the Earth. It is also here that the Holy Grail was kept and protected during the middle ages. Santa María de la Serós is and Benedictine abbey from the XI century, used during the middle ages as private monastery by the Aragon’s royal family. Its gorgeous architecture and decorations contrast with the austerity of San Juan.

Villanueva de Sigena

12th century Sigena’s monastery is a sacred site that emanates a balanced mixture of beauty and peace. This site’s temperance is the perfect ending to integrate the experiences from our pilgrimage and return to daily life. Sigena’s monastery invites us to be playful while we discover the art and alchemy of releasing old patterns and establishing new beginnings for the benefit of all beings.
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About the Retreat Facilitator

FERRAN BLASCO is a practitioner of natural medicine, specializing in acupuncture and biotherapeutic drainage. Besides having a full time clinical practice in Rochester, Michigan, he is also a practitioner of the energetic arts, with an extensive background on pilgrimage to sacred sites and meditation. He has studied Zahori Art, geobiology and Sacred Geometry with Raymond Montercy, Dominique Susani and Juan Sáez, teaching, researching and working in Europe, USA, Asia and South America. He has also studied internal alchemy, meditation and Eastern spirituality under the guidance of Juan Li, Dr. Mark Dyczkowski, Garchen Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. He is the co-author of “Where Heaven and Earth Unite”. To see his full biography and other details visits: www.zahoriart.com and www.rochesteracupuncture.us.

What is Included

  • Transportation from downtown Barcelona, June 27th morning and back to downtown Barcelona, July 1st evening.
  • 4 hotel nights.
  • 5 days of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, beginning with lunch on June 27th and concluding with lunch on July 1st).
  • All excursions and activities listed in the activities program.
  • Entrance fees for all sites visited.

What is not Included

  • Air fares. (Each participant is totally responsible for their own transportation to Barcelona by the morning of June 27th, 2018 and for their departure from Barcelona after the retreat on July 1st, 2018)
  • Travel and medical travel insurance (Proof of medical travel insurance is required to participate).
  • Any tips at hotel or restaurant.
  • July 1st dinner in Sitges
  • Anything not listed under “Included.”


  • $1090 per person, based on double room with bathroom.
  • $950 only if combined with the Granada retreat.
  • SPACES ARE LIMITED. This is a small group retreat; let us know soon if you want to come.
  • If you’re traveling on your own, we’ll pair you up with a roommate of the same gender.
  • If you prefer a single room add $100. (There are very few single rooms, let us know soon if you choose this option.)

Contact for Questions and Registration

Shen Dao Institute
Email: info@rochesteracupuncture.us
Phone: (248) 841-1570
Address: 126 East 3rd Street – Rochester, 48307 – Michigan – USA

For full details: 2018 Siresa Spain Retreat Program.

A Final Note

This is a truly special pilgrimage. The places we will visit and the area where we will be staying are truly a magical gate to the Holy Grail of one´s heart. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are really looking forward to experience with you!